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He always plays the role of a rich man in films; he also has many products he is branding for. In fact he was once listed as one of the most successful actors in Nollywood. Nollywood is talking about Prince Jide Kosoko, the president of Association of Nigeria Theatre Arts Practitioners (ANTP). When story broke out last month that Jide Kosoko owed his landlord some two years rent, he was shouting on top of his voice that he will sue the publishers of the Magazine, that the house in contention was his personal property. Nollywood quotes E.R, as authoritatively revealing that the house at Command, Area, Ipaja, Lagos, which Jide Kosoko sold dummy to many people years back that he bought, was actually rented out to him, by a man who is based in London. The building, E.R, learnt was given to Jide Kosoko by the man based on understanding that he will be paying the rent into his (Landlord’s) account. While Jide Kosoko who has many endorsements from different companies was going about telling people the house was his, he could not pay the rent. At the heat of it all, E.R, put a call to Jide Kosoko, but he denied it, saying he is planning to take the reporter who wrote the story to court. In a disguised manner, E.R, put a call to him pretending to be one of the Yoruba publishers and known friend of Jide Kosoko, and pronto! Jide Kosoko revealed that actually, the house is not his, that he just used it bamboozle people outside. He pleaded with the publisher to kill the story, and confessed that truly the Landlord has taken him to court, and the case has been adjourned till March. When will Nigeria artistes separate acting from real life living.
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