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I stop directing for 4 years, I went on Sabbatical leave, because my gay movie affected my person, when I was called Gay, a lot of people distance themselves from me, and then I was always not comfortable with the perception people had about me so I felt I should do some internal restructuring, so I have done and I have to use motion pictures to address the issues of the society. I am separated from my wife but I am not divorced, it has been 3 years now, we love our kids and we are taking care of them, there are issues we need to address, if is the will of God, we will come back. Husband and wife get together to agree or disagree, I think my wife couldn’t contain with some of the stories that came with the filmmaking, when a man and woman are in a marriage, and there is no trust, they should probably not be together. Like what I told you earlier when I brought the newspaper publication home and she responded that way my passion for commitment in the marriage dwindle completely, and I didn’t pretend about it, I am not a pretender because life is different from the movies. Every man wants a woman that can talk to the king of him, even if I was a criminal or even involved in the act and my case would have been decided with mercy but for her comment I could be dealt with it. It was her fault any way, she is the best of woman any man would have wanted for keeps, as a wife, I couldn’t cope with the challenges of my personal life so I said, Let us give ourselves a break, that is all. click the link below to go to... Dickson Iroegbu, wife still at loggerheads.
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