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For sometime now,Asaba-based movie director,Nonso Ekene Okonkwo and fast rising actress,Boma Tubonimi Arinyedokiari have been at loggerheads. But this got to its apex lately when Boma who has been accusing him of extorting money from her, in addition to compelling her to sign a 6-year contract with him, decided to fight him openly. According to what we gathered, they used to be good friends but the reverse is the case now. Ekene,we gathered, has decided to fight back by reporting her to the leadership of the Actors Guild of Nigeria. According to him I have written officially to AGN and they are investigating the matter. After their investigation, if they find me wanting, let them apply appropriate punishment due me and if she’s found wanting, they should punish her accordingly The director, who owns Goldfish Productions, also revealed that actresses such as Mariam Orjiekwe,Rita Mbaduwa,Mandi Eze and several others passed through his agency. And that he did not extort any money from them or Boma. He further explained that he set up the agency to help aspiring actors and actresses realize their dreams in the industry. In the industry today, young girls and boys are coming into the industry without direction. I introduced this concept of signing on as a way of helping the aspiring actors and actresses realize their dreams in the industry. I offer them an opportunity to come under my company and I give them less than 2 years to hit stardom. Contrary to Boma’s claim that she signed the contract under duress, she voluntarily came to me to be signed on
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