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Gist getting to Nigeriafilms.com reveals that a popular Nollywood actor (names withheld) is in a deep United States of America visa mess. According to information given by a source, this light skinned actor agreed to work on a movie project for a woman, who he cajoled to help him with immigration papers to the States. We learnt that immediately this was done for this innocent looking actor, he cut off his link with the rich woman. We were informed that he changed his phone numbers, and for two years now, he has still not contacted the woman. Further information has it that he has contracted another job in Texas for another producer, which was done while his visa was being processed by the duped producer. We gathered that the producer is still angered by the act of this actor but has left the matter for God to handle. Hmm, Nollywood actors with visa scandals. Must they travel with blemishes?
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