Lizzy Anjorin is one Yoruba actress that has paid her dues in Nigeria's film industry called Nollywood. Her much dirty fight with colleague, Iyabo Ojo was only recently settled. In this interview, this mother of one opened up on her love life like never before. Excerpt Do you still believe in love ? Yes I do .There is true love . But in Nigeria of nowadays ,there is no true without money .Even as a young girl , if you are not well equipped financially , men will be far from you. In fact most Nigerian men are gold diggers .They want to get married to ladies with good family background (big men’s daughters ). They don’t want to build their own women . I could remember when a guy brought one lady to the city and refused to assist her become a full -fledged woman . His fear was that the lady would later dump him for another man after he had finished investing in her . That’s absolute nonsense . Men want to reap where they did not sow but you can make a woman and take the whole glory . If the father of your 15 year old daughter returns to you today, would you accept him ? Unfortunately , he is late now . My daughter will be entering SS1 very soon . And she is 15years of age . Have you ever experienced true love ? Of course , I have but ….. Meaning what ? They broke your heart or you broke theirs ? Are men’s heart breaka>ble ? No human being can break my heart .Break it for what ?I’m not a lazy person .You can only break somebody’s heart when that person does not know what he or she is doing . You break my heart because you told me you are no longer interested in the relationship or I break your relationship because I said to you I can no longer cope with the relationship . Talk about true love , there is no sincere love. How can you see me on screen and want to take me to the altar? You love me apparently because of what I’m doing on screen ,or who I am .You want already made woman and you don’t want to help in building one , my heart has no> room for such men. Are you in love at the moment ? Yes I’m dating someone . I’m in a relationship. After my mother’s death , life continues . Click the link below to go to... Funke Akindele's Hubby Revealed**Becomes Second Wife Chika Ike Flies Dad To India For Life Threatening Surgery More Pictures from Genevieve Nnaji at 33! Surprise Party in Lagos [VIDEO] Nigerian Bimbo Oyewole NJ airport***Security supervisor used dead man's ID Cameroonian Artistes Gang-Up Against P-Square, MTN Music Act Ekwe Sample Arrested For Alleged Murder Of Lover Pictures From Genevieve's Birthday At 33 Actress Uche Jombo Secretly Marries In America! Funke Akindele's Hubby Revealed**Becomes Second Wife your social media marketing partner