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(Laughs) It’s like saying Gani Fawehimi and Fela just because they stood for the truth are rebels; they were just activists. The only way they that oppress the masses describe those that stand in the gap for the masses is to describe them as rebels and make the masses believe that they’ve gone insane. They will go to any length to ostracize you. I have never carried a gun in my life. I have never shot any one so why are they calling me a rebel? I have never slapped or punched or sent thugs to beat up anybody but when I say black is black and white is white they say I am a rebel. I said ‘Africa Magic, stop showing our movies without paying us royalties,’ and they called me a rebel. Is it fair to label me a rebel because I am saying ‘pay me my money?’ Imagine me, Geneivie, Omotola and the rest of us who grew this industry, none of us can beat our chests and say that we are being paid! This is a cause for shame. Why is it happening? Nobody is asking questions as a handful of Nigerians are robbing the entire industry blind. They have made no arrangement to protect us because they know that there is the hunger factor in Nigeria so, if one producer says ‘no’, they know the next will say ‘yes’. That’s how they have crippled our industry. Meanwhile, Africa Magic will go to Ghana and pay Jackie Appiah, Yvonne Nelson and Majid Michaels. Ironically, these are boys and girls that used to look up to us as heroes. Is that not a shame? We should be asking, ‘what is wrong with us? Everybody is quiet and Emeka Ike is the one asking questions. Now, I ask the question, ‘why should they pay Jackie Appiah and not pay me?’ They said they had paid some people. Who are these people? A few members of the board of trustees of AGN registered AGN as their personal company. It is sad most of my colleagues don’t know what’s going on and these are the people that stand in the gap for us and speak for us and then rob us when they take our money, and yet they are very broke and hungry. You see them go to governors to collect money. What do they do with the money? You must have heard that I went to see Kogi State governor. Go and find out what I did when I went there. I did not request for N2 million. I requested for N250 million and hectares of land and that’s exactly what I got. Now that’s a project to take youths off the streets; it’s strictly a humanitarian cause. Click the link below to go to... Sexy Actress, Rukky Sanda, Acquires N35M Range Rover Evoque Again, Mercy Johnson Tops 10 Most Searched Nollywood Actor In 2012 I Love Paris To A Fault-Stephanie Okereke Pictures From Stella Damasus, Lamboginny Unveiling Ceremony As NDLEA Ambassadors Monalisa Bags Award In Germany Kids Of World's Largest Slum Honour Jim Iyke I'm Not Single--D’banj Declares CHUDDY K's INTIMATE CONFESSION: I WAS GAY
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