Multiple award wining director cum producer, Teco Benson, has returned with another block buster flick, Red Hot. Benson is one of the respected Nollywood directors and producers of top flight movies such as State of Emergency, Terror, False Alarm, Mission To Nowhere, Executive Crime, Wasted Years and Formidable Force. The film is expected to be available at major cinemas across Nigeria after the premiere Here’s the Official synopsis ; Red Hot is the story of Kofo, a beautiful Nigerian lady married to an extremely affluent husband. She seems to have all the good things of life at her disposal, but the absence of a child in the over ten year marriage leaving her frustrated. Medical research suggests her husband has some fertility issues – absolving her of any complicity. In frustration and desperation she hatches a plan with her friend, Princess which brings Freddie into the picture. Just at the peak of this new found solution, crisis erupts leading to one disaster to the other. ---- watch and enjoy!