Nollywood producer, director, film writer, Tunde Kelani, has disclosed that he plans to converge Nollywood celebrities to help create an awareness campaign on the dreaded Ebola virus. According to the veteran producer, the fight on Ebola virus should not be left for the government alone to fight, adding that it was for everybody and as such, celebrities need to help create awareness. The make-believe director explained that it was necessary to get the message to the grassroots and as such, the campaign was not going to be all English but delivered in the language the people can understand. “See; let’s leave the government out of this issue. They have tried their best and it is now left for us to do ours. I am going to start calling all those celebrities and tell them that we need to alert these people about this Ebola Virus outbreak because it is not everybody that knows about it,” he stated. © 2014 Click the link below to go to... NOLLYWOOD ACTRESS, TAIWO AROMKUN DELIVERS TWINS IN LONDON Actress Taiwo Aromokun Gets Surprised Baby Shower…To Deliver Soon! Nollywood Actress Taiwo Aromokun is Pregnant How Taiwo Aromokun, Hubby, Fought Each Other On Wedding Day EXCLUSIVE: Taiwo Aromokun's Marriage In Fresh Trouble **Hubby Has 2 Kids In Holland **Has No Dutch Papers After Over 13 Years In Holland PICTURES: Nigeria Based Guys Have Stupid Mentality About Actresses ----Nollywood Actress Taiwo Aromokun Yoruba Actress, Taiwo Aromokun Secretly Marries In UK your social media marketing partner