Nigerian-British born actor, David Oyelowo and the cast of Oscar nominated film, 'Selma' are reportedly planning to visit Nigeria on the invitation of Pastor Paul Adefarasin of the House on the Rock Church in Lekki, Lagos. Oyelowo, at 24, became the first black to play the role of the King Henry VI in a major Shakespeare's production. He was in the cast of the film for the role of RSC's Henry VI. While schooling in Islington in London, England, the young Oyelowo was exposed to a rude cultural students have for their teachers, where they use abusive words on the teachers. His acting career began after he met his A-level Theatre Studies teacher at the Holloway Tube Station who told him that, "David, I wouldn't say this to everyone, but I really think you could have a career as an actor." He later got a scholarship into the drama school at Lamda to the delight of his father. He acted in ‘Selma’, which tells the story of the life of legendary Martin Luther King Jr. leading to the Voting Rights Acts in 1965, which had the sorting of the discrimination of the blacks from voting despite violent opposition. your social media marketing partner