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Talented music video director, Patrick Elis, has explained that he never planned to add his name to videos he shoots, but was forced into it when other people were claiming glory for them. Patrick, who has directed numerous musical videos for top artistes in the country, stated that while shooting videos for some artistes and television commercials, he never added his name, which made some individuals to take advantage of the loophole to claim responsibility for his works. According to him, “The idea of Patrick Elis Pictures is not something that is supposed to be seen on the television; I never planned it that way. The first video I shot, I didn’t put my name but it got to a time that I would shoot a video and different people would claim the credit. I have never stopped getting jobs.” “I left Nigeria over a year ago for the United States and I can tell you that I have turned down many jobs, because I was getting distracted from my studies in the school, where I have been to study wide on cinematography,” he told Tribune in an interview. “My career has been on track and I am enjoying it. I will be going back to the US in a couple of weeks and I am sure that by the time I am gone, people will come out to say that he has gone silent again,” he also said. Patrick was the brain behind Wizkid's 'Holla At Your Boy' music video.
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