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Wife of prolific Nigerian movie producer, Chico Ejiro, Joy, has disclosed that she never planned of having a third child, but that the baby came by an act of God. The busty wife of Chico Ejiro explained that she had an Intra Uterine Death (IUD) for about three years and was not expecting any pregnancy and never knew she was already three months gone in the nine months course. According to her, “It wasn’t planned per se. Actually, I had what they call IUD (Intra Uterine Death). I had the IUD for like three years now. I thought I was having the best prevention, but somehow, I found out I just got pregnant. I didn’t even know until after three months. So, it wasn’t a planned baby. God just gave me a gift unplanned. It was really unplanned.” Joy further explained that having her child in the United States of America was not her wish, but that she gave birth to the child while in the US to stock her boutique in Nigeria. “I did not chose to. I went to buy ‘market’ (goods for her boutique). I went to buy my ‘market’ jejeje (General laughter). According to the doctors over there, they said because of the IUD I had on, I was having a lot of complications and I was always bleeding, so they said I can’t fly. So, I was stuck there and I had to have my baby over there,” she told Yes magazine. The showbiz couple’s first three children are Kome, Ruke and Maro. The last child, Eloviano, is now four.
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