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One of Nigeria’s most respected Nollywood producers, Moses Inwang better known as Mosneeze, is better known for the way he has kept his personal life to himself. He is one Nollywood stakeholder that hardly talks or comments on issues. But recently, the movie producer, after observing the way the industry has threaded, decided to spill the beans by explaining some certain facts that people never knew about the industry. He even went as far as attesting to the general notion that there is no love in the make-belief industry which has been able to create more employment for the youths. Moses also noted that many of the Nollywood actors are not well paid as only few are able to make it to Hollywood. Basic Nollywood facts from Moses Inwang; Here are some true facts about Nollywood: 1. Nollywood generates more gross annual income than oil and gas. 2. EVERYONE in Nollywood is underpaid. 3. Nollywood is Africa's most searched name on Google. 4. Nollywood is the 2nd largest film producing nation in d world 5. In 10 years time top Nollywood producers will be rich enough to fund politicians. 6. Pirates who illegally sell Nollywood works are richer than any other group of pirates anywhere in the world. 7. Nollywood only has 10 percent of the number of a-list stars that Hollywood has. 8. The last 2 A-list stars that Nollywood produced are Tonto Dike and mercy Johnson. 9. Nollywood has the Hightest number of mediocres in a single industry. 10. There is no love in Nollywood.
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