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Recently, Alex Okorigwe, fondly called Alex O, who ruled the music industry in Nigeria in the 80s and early 90s, said he will never pay any young artiste to feature in his songs. After he made the statement, it got different reactions from different persons, including some artistes, who probably felt disappointed. But clarifying the issue with Daily Independent, the 'Celebrate' crooner explained his reason for the comment, emphasizing that it is his personal principle. "The issue here is not that another artiste should not be remunerated for being part of a recording work. "When there is a collaboration work, the managements of both artistes work out the earnings from the proceeds for both artistes. "If an artiste asks me to pay money upfront, as a condition for which I would be allowed to perform with him or her, then I will not be interested. This is my own personal take. Other people may do it differently,” Alex O explained. READ ALSO: Nigeria is broke, Amaechi insists Recall that D’Banj was once under fire when he was alleged to have refused to feature in a Dr Alban song. Dr Alban had said then that, “I have made efforts to talk to D’Banj and Danfo Drivers but the result that I got was not impressing at all and that was why I decided to work with my cousin, who has no airs around him. “I contacted the Danfo Drivers to work with them while I was in Sweden and I flew them both to Sweden, lodged them in a five-star hotel and even secured a show for them and we recorded a song. I still have the song with me but I couldn’t release the song because the duo is having problems and they even talked about suing me. “When I got to Nigeria, I called up D’Banj and intimated him of my intention to do a collaboration with him but all he could tell me was to call up his manager to arrange that. I felt so pissed and I wonder why these artistes are endowed with so much attitudinal problems. “I have sold over 16 million copies of my albums worldwide and my songs are used for commercials and movies. I know what I’m worth but I decided to do something back home but I get artistes giving me attitude.” Click And Read More From Newstrack.ng
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