Choc City singer, Nosa Shadrax Omoregie, has said being signed on to a label that has secular artistes does not affect him as a gospel singer. According to him, the company must have seen something unique in him that made them come for his signature. Nosa stressed that as a pastor and gospel artiste, he does not like to discriminate against secular artistes because they are all in the field of arts. He buttressed his point by saying ‘by their fruits, we shall know them.’ The singer said being a man of God does not make him a ‘church person’ but more of a ‘kingdom person’. Nosa explained that the current administrative changes in Choc City will not affect artistes with something to offer. On the coming back of Jess Jagz to Choc City, Nosa said it is a welcomed development, adding that it is just like the reunion of brothers. your social media marketing partner