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Charles Inojie, a comic actor and director of comedy series speaks about comedy in the industry and how he started with New Telegraph. According to him, his first appearance in movie was in 1997, where he acted and also did the production designer. It was his first comedy movie titled 'The Year 2000' directed by Lancelot Imasuen. Ever since then, the comic actor has been featuring in movies some of which is 'Corporate Maid', 'The Gamblers', 'The Johnsons' and lots more. When asked what was missing in the industry, Charles hammers on good scripts. He said they have taken comedy to be something else in the industry, they don't write good script and this will not make a good comedy movie. In his words, "Good scripts are missing. Sometimes, what we do is to get three comic actors and throw them on the streets to abuse their elders all in the name of acting. You think that will make anyone happy in a stressed society like ours? Don’t think that because someone is a popular comic actor people would laugh to whatever he says. At a point, it would fade out. So, I think comic scripts should be properly written and all the ingredients that make up a good script should be there". He further said for people not to treat comedy as trash, it must be well scripted. If there is a comedy movie and the story is well told, it would sell.
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