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Some months back, news went viral that respected music producer, Del B and Five Star Music, which houses the likes of Kcee, Harry Song and Skibii, had parted ways. It was reported that Del B left the label because he was not getting enough money as royalties and production fees for his work with KCee. It was also rumoured that Del B had indicated his intention to further his music career as an artiste, which the label allegedly did not find comfortable with. In a chat with Tribune, Del B cleared the air on the issue, disclosing that he never had problems with Kcee or the label as being speculated. According to Del B, “I am trying to do what will help my life now and even in the future. I am preparing a better future for myself and family now. Some years ago, I was nowhere near the stage I am today. I want to make sure I prepare a very good future for my life. I don’t have any problem with Kcee, I am only minding my business.” He stated that he plans to drop his song on October 22, 2015, explaining that producers don’t get recognized except artistes. “The fact is that you don’t get the recognition being a producer. You get the recognition on the stage. Few years ago, I was still just a producer, but right now, I have a song that was released less than three weeks and Airtel contacted me based on that. "So, what stops me from keep doing it? I can as well sit down and ignore these opportunities that are coming. But I will look like a fool to myself and my family. It is only going to make more efficient and my work less stressful. I am going to sign new producers that would be working with me,” he said.
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