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Nigerian filmmaker, Jeta Amata, is set to release another blockbuster after the release of his award-winning flick, ‘Black November’. Speaking with City People in a recent interview, the filmmaker from the Amata film dynasty, explained that his next movie centres on early marriage in Nigeria, which has continued to be a tropical issue. Jeta opined that it is a bad idea for a man to seek to marry a girl of about 11 years old. “I have a daughter who is seven and you can imagine someone trying to marry off that little girl when she is nine. Imagine the way I would feel. Before I had a daughter, it didn’t mean anything to me, but now, it’s happening, I know how it feels,” he said. The filmmaker also said it would be wrong to judge his film based on his failed marriage. In his words, “It’s wrong, people shouldn’t judge like that. I don’t listen to people like that or encourage such talks. It’s a movie on early marriage and shouldn’t be likened to marriage. I don’t talk about my marriage and that’s why I don’t do interviews anymore. It’s all about my works.”
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