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Versatile music producer, OJB Jezreel, is still not happy with the way some people spoke ill of his surgery about two years ago. This is as a result of the rumour that he had a kidney relapse and that of an allegation that he built a house for himself and bought three cars from money donated for his treatment abroad then. OJB, who cleared the air on the issue, said what he realised then from donations was only N25 million. “If you remove the N16 million the former governor of Rivers State, Rotimi Amaechi, gave me, I only realised N9 million from artistes and other sources. This is the first time I would declare such figure; maybe I need to make it open for people to think otherwise,” he told New Telegraph. “People calculated that I made N250 million from the donation. Where did they get that figure from? I bought my Toyota Yaris in 2007, the second car was brought in 2010 and my Armada was in 2011. The only car that came to my hand newly was an LR3 and it was a gift. "I didn’t build a house; I am still at Gbaja in Surulere, Lagos. I saw that the house might not be convenient for me when I get back, so we renovated a part for me to stay. I even read that I now stay in Lekki, Lagos,” he further told New Telegraph.
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