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Kevin Lucciano-Gabriel is the Executive Producer of Questionmark Entertainment based in Victoria Island, Lagos. He believes that considering her population, Nigeria should be earning the biggest revenue from entertainment in Africa. This is moreso if the right structure and investment climate are put in place. He explained how music, sports and movie have been keeping Nigeria together despite the challenges the country has faced in its 50 years of independence. As such, Kevin stressed the need for government to ensure sustainable growth and development of the sector. Mr. Lucciano- Gabriel spoke more on this and other issues on the entertainment sector with Daily Sun: Excerpts: One of your artistes worked on Omotola Ekeinde’s Me, Myself And Eyes? Yes! Harrysong is actually one of the people who worked with the star actress and singer, Omotola Jalade Ekeinde. He is of Questionmark Entertainment. He was signed on by Questionmark He is a vocal trainer, singer and producer. He is the one who worked with Omotola. Questionmark just gave him a – go ahead. And he did a lot of interesting things on the album. New acts on Questionmark Entertainment The new acts include Harrysong, who is actually an instrumentalist, singer and voice trainer. He is a fast growing artiste. One of his songs at the moment is on Top Ten on JAJ Rhythm. His songs are being played almost everywhere now .We have D’supremes. He has remained one of Questionmark’s Artistes in the last one year, as well as Ego of Omalichanwa fame. There are other promising acts from the stable of Questionmark Entertainment. We just shot seven videos, which were made possible by our production company called Tough Sunday from Soth Africa. Three of the videos are debuts on air. They include; Harrysong’s I’m in love, D’Supremes’ Party and Ego’s Omalichanwa We also hope to launch more three videos soon. Entertainment in South Africa and Nigeria Entertainment in Nigeria is huge at the moment because basically everything Nigerians do revolve round entertainment. The corporate bodies in this country need entertainment to drive their brands. In South Africa there is a well-defined structure for the sector. There is effective taxation in showbiz and intellectual property owners are being protected just as entertainment outfits can survive as opposed to what happens in Nigeria The government in Nigeria has not started looking seriously at entertainment as big business. The structures are not yet in place. Nigeria’s music industry in the last 50 years Nigeria has performed creditably well in the music industry. About 80 per cent of African music is from Nigeria, having been blessed with the likes of D’banj, Tuface Idibia. Terry G , P Square, Bracket and many others. P’ Square is one of the biggest export from Nigeria, We also have Asa who started from Questionmark Entertainment. Using music to re-brand Nigeria Music can play a big role in the government’s re-branding project. During United States’ presidential election, we saw a lot of celebrities who were in support of Barack Obama for change. Oprah Winfrey stood up and said during Obama campaign to say “This is my candidate” the Jayz, John Legend and others were also part of Obama’s support for victory. Also in the days of apartheid in South Africa, musicians like Majek Fashek, and the late Sony Okosun used their music to crusade against apartheid and to ask for Dr. Nelson Mandela’s freedom from incarceration. Music can do a lot for a change in Nigeria. But we need people who are willing to produce good music in terms of concepts and videos, so that those who are going to rule us in 2011 can listen and see the road for change. Making entertainment sector a major revenue earner in Africa America’s California is one of the richest states in the world today because of what entertainment brought to it. Nigeria too could be earning largest amount of money from entertainment in Africa. In other parts of the world, people don’t buy CDs any longer, they download music digitally. Records shops are closed down everywhere overseas. They buy online, but in Africa, we still buy physical CDs, Many investors would have come to invest in the distribution of movies, where they can raise huge revenues, But they would rather see it a risk venture coming to Nigeria to invest in a sector where there is no, laws regulating it. And as long as they are not investing we would continue to suffer and distribute our product in a guerrilla way. What keeps Nigerian today amid challenges she has faced are: music, sports and movies. Nollywood movies have helped a lot of wives out of boredom. Our music has brought joy to people’s heart. Football lovers don’t get angry, especially when a football competition is going on. Government should therefore take seriously the task of developing entertainment industry because it is a passion for the youths.
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