Van Vicker Van Vicker is no longer a stranger in the Nigerian movie industry. The Ghanaian-born movie hunk is one of the hottest Gollyhood actors making waves in Nollywood. Apart from his acting prowess, Van is blessed with good looks that would make many-a-female-heart flutter. In an encounter with KAZEEM POPOOLA at an event recently, the Glo Ambassador spoke on his career, marriage and other matters. Excerpts: How do you feel being on top of your game right now? I have mixed feelings, both good and bad. It’s a good because the recognition is there for me but I feel bad in the sense that I wish there were a lot more of us to give room for competition. Are you saying there is a dearth of good actors in Ghana? Not really, but there are not as many actors compared to the Nigerian movie industry. We need more, that is why I feel bad. May be they do exist but we need more. How did you find your way into the Nigerian movie industry? It was a Ghanaian producer (Venus Films), who got Nigerian owned Divine Touch movie production outfit for a collaboration here in Ghana, and that was how I started. How did you come about acting? I started six years ago when I was into ‘showbiz’. I’ve been into T.V and radio presentation. A producer actually walked up to me for a role in a movie and that is how I started. Would you say your good looks got you that first movie script? I would not say that because I was in the ‘Showbiz’ long ago before I started acting. I was a T.V and radio presenter. I think what they were looking for was not only the good looks, but also a confident person. I have the confidence and God blessed me with the face. You bear a striking resemblance to Ramsey Noah, and this has brought about insinuations that you are taking the shine off him? I don’t think so. Ramsey has his own strong hold, like wise me. Both of us are still working and I don’t think I am taking food out of his mouth because he’s still working and relevant. How do you handle your female admirers, especially those who may have a crush on you? I don’t think it is much of a big deal. (Laughs). People tend to like whoever they choose not necessarily because of who the person is. So, it’s either you give in or you don’t. What’s your idea of a dream woman? Well, my dream woman would be my wife because I am married. How long? It’s going to eight years now You look quite young, why did you marry so early? I married when I was 26 years old because the time was right and I found love. Is she an actress? My wife is not an actress. How did you meet? We met back in secondary school. Was it love at first sight? I would not say that. It was not love at first sight, but growing love. Having beeen married all these years, what do you think is the key to a successful marriage? That’s love. Does love matter so much? Yes, hundred percent. If you don’t love somebody, I don’t see why you should be with him or her. What about trust? Love embodies trust. Love is a total embodiment of trust, care, communication and the rest. Who chased the other, you or your wife? Obviously, I did the chase. Let’s compare the Nigerian and Ghanaian movie industries… Nigerians have been making lot of movies compare to Ghanaians. Quality wise, I think Nigerians have been there for a while, they have more experience than us, but very soon the comparison would not be that much or anything to go by, because Ghanaians are currently putting their best, likewise Nigerians Would you agree that you are a stereotyped actor? I would agree with that, because quite a number of producers tends to tag me ‘lover boy’. It’s fair enough. But that’s one of the reasons I have also decided to produce a movie where I can take up different kind of characters, apart from being a lover boy. Apart from the ‘lover boy’ character, what other roles can you play? Any role that will bring out the other side of Van, I will do it. What is your definition of a good actor? (Pauses) I would say that whatever anybody does, good or bad, he would be recognised. So if you are recognised, that shows that you are good. Let’s take a re-cap on the movies that you have featured in…. The Ghanaian ones are Divine love’, Darkness for sorrow’, ‘Beyonce Mummy’ Nigerian movies include, ‘Woman’s Hour’ ‘Total Love’ ‘One More Kiss’, Opposite Attraction’, just to mention a few. How do you unwind? I love playing snooker. I also hangout a lot with my kids, when I am not doing anything. How many kids do you have? I have two girls. What’s your take on fashion? I am a trendy person, fashionable and love to look good. It does not really matter to me how expensive or cheap the outfit may be, so far it looks good on me, I like it. Which of the top Nigerian actors /actresses you have worked with would you rate highest? I don’t think I am going to put one after the other. I think each of them have their strong hold. So, I would not say that I have a favourite in terms of acting, but I have favourites in terms of friendship. Have you had any challenges? Couple of challenges, meeting people for the very first time, may be you are not friends yet, and tried to be the best that you can. The challenge is more of a general one when you need to step up your game to keep you on your toes. Which is more challenging; Nigerian or Ghanaian movies? Every movie is challenging, as far as I picked the role. It is not necessary about whether, it’s a Nigerian or Ghanaian movie. It’s all about the character which I am playing. That is where the challenges are. How would you describe yourself ? I am a very shy person, I am an introvert, but when it comes to work, I am a different person, because my work demands that I must not be shy. If you were not in the acting world, where would you have been? I would have been a medical doctor. What happened? Destiny I guess. your social media marketing partner