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She is beautiful with a sonorous voice. De Quiz whose real names are Princess Nwamaka Ajeh is new artiste on the block but her single ‘Happy Day’, is presently ruling the airwaves within and outside the country. Raised in the United States of America, where she was privileged to acquaint herself with America super star Rihana, De Quiz the Nigerian born musician speaks on her latest single, growing up and the challenges she faced as a new artist Excerpts. Who is De Quiz? My real names are Princess Nwamaka Ajeh, I’ from Ukwuani in Ndokwa West Local Government Area of Delta State and my stage name is De Quiz. Why are you into music? I love singing and I have been doing that since the age of two. Then people used to tell me that I have a sweet voice. Did you join any musical group as a young girl? No. . And where did you grow up? I grew up with my parents here in Nigeria, but when I turned 15, I left for the United States of America where I spent about fifteen years. I returned to Nigeria last year to pursue a career in music. What genre of music do you play? I do gospel hip-hop and some secular music too Is this your first work? No. My first album a purely gospel album was titled “It is my turn to shine” . But I have two new singles “Halla your Name”, gospel track and “happy day” a secular song . And where do you draw your inspirations? My songs are inspired by God. Do you have someone in your life? I’m single but look forward to getting married to an honest man. I’m not thrilled by a handsome or rich guy, the bottom line is that the guy must be an honest person. Do you have anything against rich and handsome guys? No. I’m not particular about money. I want a guy with a good heart and one who has the fear of God in him. Women who go into marriage because of money sometime end up frustrated. I think God has blessed me and I can’t see the money that any man can give to me that God has not blessed me with. How do you rate the Nigerian music industry compared to what obtains in America? They are steps ahead of us, but we are growing up and fast too. Today Nigeria music is played all over the world and our artistes like D’banj, Tu face, P-Square and so many others are competing favourably with some of the best in the industry. I think we are getting there and someday might come to rule the world. In the female category, we have made a tremendous leap. Great stars like Sasha, Asa are now taking the world by storm. The growth in the Nigeria music industry is encouraging. I think there is room for more. If the industry gets support from government and private investors it will only get better. What would you do if your album sales in the excess of a million copies? Wow, the first thing I will do is reach out to the less privileged. With the money made from the sales of the album, I will set up an orphanage to be known as De quiz orphanage, hospital and a school where pupils and students will not have to pay through their noses to get quality education. How well did your debut album perform in the market? I didn’t make money from my first album because I did not promote it enough. The challenges were enormous. And what are the prospects for this new one? Right now I have two singles in the market, they are not albums yet. And they are promotional teasers. I have shot the video and both are enjoying air time within and outside the shores of the country. I’m sure when the complete album is ready, it will make the necessary impact and sales.
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