Having multiple sex partners has become a norm for some ladies who see themselves as “big babes”. Their dream is to have all at their beck and call so as to outshine their contemporaries.Literally,a pimp is an agent for prostitutes who collects part of their earnings. In South Africa is this tall light-complexioned Nigerian lady, a super pimp, who has taken her business out of the shores of Nigeria. She relocated to South Africa just about 1 year ago when she had milked dry pockets of some rich men in Nigeria, having acquired a lot with her known trade of “runs” business. She is such a big-time player in this business that men even hustle to get themselves acquainted to her. Living in a well-furnished duplex in Johannesburg and a larger-than-life lifestyle, her garage is lined with expensive automobiles. Bigwigs in business and corridors of powers are always doting on her because she is really a ‘pimp hard-to-come-by’. Her friends are envious of her and only wish they can be in her shoes. Very homely but wild, in her late 30s,mere seeing her, you cannot but testify to her rich lifestyle having grown so big in the business that she even has referrals from men in over 5 continents! She has her clique of girls that she always trades in for sex almost on a daily basis; giving specific statistics before trading them in for nothing less than #500,000. Well-patronized by these men, she receives numerous gifts any time she gets a good deal and often throws lavish parties. She has a photo album with which her clients select and hardly will you see any man asking the girls out without her permission. She sources girls for most of the parties staged by Nigerian in South Africa and is always on call to those who are on short visits. As many ladies run to her for greener pastures, she equally seeks solace in the hands of her numerous bedmates. She lives life to the fullest no doubt and can be called a money-bag pimp.
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