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A Nigerian-born resident nurse in United Kingdom, Ms. Omolayo Abayomi has had her nursing license withdrawn by the Nursing and Midwifery Council at a hearing in London over a petition filed by the parents of the baby she was taking care of because she neglected her duties as a nurse to attend to a dying child and decided to call on Jesus for help. According to source, the 51-year-old nurse was said to have called for divine intervention more than 20 times before the boy’s mother told her to ‘shut up’. “The nurse was constantly saying “Jesus help him” and waving her arms around,’ a hearing was told. The nurse was constantly saying “Jesus help him” and waving her arms around,” the mother said in her testimony. “She said it more than 20 times. I felt I had to do everything – at that point she was doing nothing to help my son. She never offered to take the lead at any point and at no point did she suggest calling 999. I can’t change what’s happened to my son, I know I did the best for him but the nurse just completely abandoned her duty.If I can save just one other person from having to go through what we have been through, then that’s what I want to do.” The boy, now aged five, made a full recovery from the incident but is still totally dependent on others for his care. Meanwhile, Ms. Abayomi claimed the mother pushed her away and refused to let her help denied calling on Jesus, panicking, and failing to provide care for the child. Delivering his judgment, panel chair John Williams said: “This was a failure to accept responsibility for her role in the events by the registrant. She has shown a lack of empathy with the parents of the child and there has been no admission or apology, and therefore no insight. This failure is incompatible with her continuing to be a registered nurse.” No damages were awarded to the parents of the boy.
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