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Dar es Salaam: Thousands of mourners yesterday were told to remember the late movie star, Steven Kanumba through living his hard working and sacrificing time and dedicating life for others. Speaking during the public services at Leaders Club grounds, the coastal African Inland Church Bishop, Charles Salala said there was a need for every person to change the way of life and live according to God’s commandments. He said the tens of thousands who attended Mr Kanumba’s burial was the testament that the movie star worked hard and left the legacy. “It is obvious that Mr Kanumba was the man of the people, this crowd tells that his death marks a point to every one of us and therefore it is time for changing and learning to live the better way,” he said. The bishop added that wananchi should emulate all positive things that Mr Kanumba did when he was alive. “We should learn from, this is a challenge to us, and I believe we are all ready to take up arms and fight for his ideas,” said the Bishop. The Minister for Information, Youth, Culture and Sports, Dr Emmanuel Nchimbi said Mr Kanumba was a bridge between artists and the government and that his ministry was already initiated efforts to make sure arts benefits are legally protected. “We initiated talks on how to protect our arts works and Mr Kanumba was in the front line in this matter, I am very sorry that he could not live to benefit from what he struggled for, but I can ensure you that the government will make sure arts are getting what they deserve,” said Dr Nchimbi. He added that in the coming fiscal year, his office will press for the budget and other important issues that will help to protect artists’ rights. However, the Minister argued arts and other wananchi to learn good things from the late Kanumba and live his spirit of helping others. He said: “Kanumba has left us with big challenge, he was a hard worker, creative and with helping heart , we need to learn from him, all these people are here to say goodbye to him because he was a nice person,” The shadow Minister for Information, Youth, Culture and Sports, Mr Joseph Mbilinyi said the government should transform its sorrowful speeches at different arts funerals into actions that will help local artists to grow. Mr Mbilinyi, who is also the Mbeya urban MP (Chadema) said arts were pleased with the government support but were eager to the authorities approving laws and setting principles that will help to protect and benefit artists in the country. “We are asking the government leaders to support artists struggle by making sure there laws for fighting pirates,” said Mr Mbilinyi. The President of Tanzania Film Federation (TAFF), Mr Simon Mwakifamba defined Mr Kanumba as an ambassador of Tanzania to different countries in the world. He said Mr Kanumba was the real ‘great’ person who has managed to work with other famous artists in different countries in the world and that it was obvious his role was crucial in advertising the country and opening doors for other artists to try their luck elsewhere in the world. Click the link below to go to... Controversies Trail Tanzania Actor, Steven Kanumba's Death {PICTURES} ROBERT JULIUS REPORTING FROM DAR ES SALAAM, TANZANIA FOR NIGERIAFILMS.COM © 2012 Nigeriafilms.com. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed without the express written consent of the publish
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