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Host of Cruise Control, the drive time programme on Ghanaian based privately owned radio station Hitz 103.9 FM ‘Kwame Bee’ lambasted TB Joshua and Jim Ike, on his program and social media. According to him in this modern world, and how people are trying to take advantage of God, anything is possible. ‘I don’t really believe in this TB Joshua and Jim Ike’s deliverance. ‘ I don’t believe in TB Joshua and his well-planned Gimmicks, take a careful look at the video , as a good film maker so you can’t simply tell is not real, it was planned ,lot of pastors do this, is a way to prove they are powerful’ Kwame B said unedited Though we at Nigeriafilms.com disagree with him, we will like to know what our cheery readers think about his defamatory statement.
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