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Kolawole Fakokunde, a Nigerian national, is facing up to five years’ imprisonment after he was arrested by immigration officers at the John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York for trying to enter the U.S illegally. Fakokunde, who had a valid visitor’s visa on him, was arrested after telling a lie that failed to pan out. He had told U.S. authorities he was headed to Philadelphia to attend the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) conference. Unfortunately for him, the conference, one of the world’s largest law enforcement gatherings, had been over for about two weeks. Media reports said the Nigerian arrived in the U.S aboard an Arik Airlines flight, claiming to be a prison guard. But, he later told a U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officer that someone else “helped him complete his visa application,” in which he falsely claimed to be a prison guard travelling to the U.S. to attend IACP. Based on the information he provided at the time to the U.S. Bureau of Consular Affairs in Lagos, Fakokunde was issued a valid visitor’s visa. He admitted that he was not employed as a prison guard, that he did not intend to travel to Philadelphia to attend the IACP conference, and that his true purpose for visiting the United States was vacation. Fakokunde is standing trial in a U.S federal court for “knowingly and willfully” trying to use a U.S. visa obtained through false information [Report by Chidi Okoye, Today's Telegraph] © 2013 Nigeriafilms.com Click the link below to go to... Nigeriafilms.com Questions Of The Day-Is Dying a Destitute A Fatality in Nollywood? Uloma Lands Solomon Akiyesi GATE Hot Slaps! Nollywood Fake Accent: Kenyan Author Corrects Jim Iyke YVONNE NELSON 'PIN' CAUSES UPROAR AT ZEB EJIRO’S DAUGHTER’S WEDDING [PICTURES] 2nd Kidney Transplant: Ifeanyi Dike Hale And Hearty Yemi Sax Performs Wedding Introduction With Fiancee [Pictures]
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