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Chioma Toplis is no doubt a beautiful and a talented actress. No wonder her numerous fans have been very worried about her absence in Nollywood, an industry that got her fame, and in return, brought happiness to her fans watching her display her God-given talent. In an exclusive chat with Nigeriafilms.com, the pretty actress explained to us the reason behind her absence and why she has not been too active in the movie industry in Nigeria like before. She also stated that she only seldom features in films. According to Chioma, “I have been busy with my business lately since I don't stay in Nigeria as long as I used to in the past because of my husband's work which takes him out of the United Kingdom. “Hence, I do not spend up to three weeks in one visit to Nigeria and you know that is not enough time to be involved in movie productions. I get offers but the timing is always not conducive (for me). But anytime I am in Nigeria for months, I do one or two jobs. I think by now, my friends and fans have come to understand that I am a seasonal actress.”
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