She turned from singing gospel music to secular music before moving on again to start sharing N*** pictures of herself in the all kinds of positions and without a shade of shame! Simply known as Maheeda or Godess of X, she bared her mind about her growing up and the forgiving spirit overtaking her towards her father for abandoning her for over three decades. ""I forgive everyday...... Why everyday? Because I receive hateful comments almost everyday.... And people are not perfect! "I forgive my father for leaving me and not coming back for 32 years now.... I still love him....... It's ok, we all make selfish choices...." Speaking with fans, she also said she is content that her parents were dead and she was not been tamed to fully exploit her artistic tendencies with 'body art', "I regret nothing in my past!!!!!!! "Thank God I was an orphan , with no one to stop me from living my life and making my own mistakes and learning from experience. "Thank God 4 d dead ; Dagrin , Goldie , Kafee and living; OJB and other great people that survived stress and bad dieting, De tot me health." your social media marketing partner