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Second son of Hon. Abike Dabiri-Erewa, Ayodeji, has revealed that being the son of a well-known woman has done him some good to an extent. The graduate of Electrical and Electronic Engineering in Communications at University College, London, told Punch that one of the special privileges he enjoys is when he is at the airport and the immigration officers check his passport and sees his identity. According to him, “Sometimes, when I’m at the airport and Nigerian Immigration officers see my passport, they allow me easy passage and say, ‘You can go, Aunty Abike’s son, please go, we love what your mother is doing.’ They don’t even ask for anything in return, it is humbling.” Revealing one of his mother’s top secret, Ayodeji explained that his mother wanted to be a musician and an actress but after trying several auditions, she had to forget about it. “When she was in the university, she wanted to become a musician and an actress. She was part of band in the university and they used to perform. She still sings one of their songs. She wanted to take it more seriously. She tried auditioning for roles, but I think it didn’t go well,” he said.
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