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Wave Nigerian making singer, David Adeleke aka Davido, went totally solemn for a man whom he found in Houston, United States. The singer explained that the man spent an hour talking to him about life and how people tend to come around when one does well and then abandon the fellow when things go bad. Davido who was so engrossed with the man’s words, offered to give the man money, but he turned the offer down and suggested the singer buy’s him food as he was trying to get over his drugs lifestyle. According to him, "IT HURTS ME THAT THIS MAN WAS HOMELESS... HE SPOKE TO ME YESTERDAY FOR AN HR ABOUT LIFE AND HOW PPLE COME AROUND WHEN YOUR DOING WELL BUT AS SOON AS YOU LOSE EVERYTHING THEY DISAPPEAR ... FEEL LIKE GOD SENT A MESSAGE TO ME THRU HIM .. HE ALSO REFUSED THE MONEY I GAVE HIM , HE REQUESTED FOR ME TO BUY HIM FOOD INSTEAD OF GIVING HIM THE MONEY BECAUSE HE IS TRYING TO GET OVER DRUG ADDICTION..., THIS IS A GOOD MAN RIGHT HERE HOPE GOD SENDS A MESSAGE THRU HIM AGAIN!!" Pondering over the homeless man’s words, the singer says he sees the man as a messenger whom God might have sent to talk to him to be careful. The elated singer also announced that he is currently in his final month of his academics as he will soon be getting his degree any moment from now. He also noted that his album will be coming out same day he will be graduating from school.
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