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A news report emanating from the United States of America (USA) about a Nigerian in the country is not a palatable one. A while ago, a Nigerian, who is an artiste manager called Uchenna Agina, was shot dead by some gunmen. He died few weeks to the release of the debut album of his artiste. Agina, also known as OTF Chino by his pals, was reportedly in his car outside a restaurant in Avalon Park, Chicago, when some gunmen approached him and shot several shots of bullets into his car. Afterwards, the hoodlums reportedly fled on foot. Reports said Agina was not the victim in the shootout as there were other occupants, however, he was the only person who died in the incident as a result of the injuries sustained from the gun shots. He was the manager of Lil Durk, who is set to release his debut album on the Def Jams Records. Police have already launched an investigation into the murder.
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