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What would Nigerians not do to get what they want? Just like the popular saying in the country, ‘Warri no dey carry last’, indeed, Nigerians will never be left behind. What was Sean Tizzle thinking locked in a kiss with one of his female fans while performing at a show in the US? Or is he trying to get one of them loved up in order to get that valued Green Card to help his ‘ministry’ in that country? But wait a minute, does this lady have a boyfriend and it your girlfriend tries this, what would you do? Well, as it is called, it is showbiz, whether he kisses the lady or not, it is about connecting with his fans, who came out in large number to listen to him live. In case you see Sean Tizzle, just let him know that we have a lady around dying to meet him. In fact, she is ready to be his babymama for free. READ ALSO: “I Was Lucky to Survive Childbirth In Nigeria, My Labor Was The Most Horrific Experience of My Life”- Olutosin Click And Read More From Newstrack.ng
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