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A Nigerian-born has been sentenced to life imprisonment for killing his mother in Britain. The convict, Emmanuel Kalejaiye stabbed his mother, Tolu Kalejaiya more than 40 times at their home in Wickford, Essex, in September 2013. The 22-year-old who is suffering from mental illness after hacking his accountant mother to death dressed up like her to deceive their neighbours . A jury found the Essex University student not guilty of murder, but guilty of manslaughter by reason of diminished responsibility, due to mental health issues after a trial in April last year. He has since been in a secure hospital for psychiatric assessment to decide whether his mental condition rendered him a danger to the public. On Friday, the case returned to court and he was sentenced to life in prison with a minimum of 15 years and three months. READ ALSO:"I Work Hard & I Can Enjoy My Money" - Wizkid Defends Replacing His N15Million Damaged Car Judge Christopher Ball said: “This was an horrific killing. You drew up plans to kill her, over weeks, if not months, and to dispose of the body.” The judge added that mental illness played a part in the killing and said Kalejaiye would receive treatment in jail. During the trial at Chelmsford Crown Court, the jury heard Kalejaiye had written out a detailed plan including notes on how to walk in high heels and had receipts for pink Primark women’s clothing.kalejaiye-2 Police found a bloodied pink hoodie and pink trousers, which Kalejaiye had bought from Primark a month earlier, as well as scraps of paper detailing an alleged murder plot. It was said he laid cardboard and plastic down on the floors and wore the pink outfit to move his mother’s car to deceive neighbours into thinking that she had left for work. The jury heard how Kalejaiye, who was born in Nigeria but moved to England as a small boy, stabbed his mother to death on the morning of September 26 2013. Receipts found at the house showed the murder weapon came from a knife block bought by Kalejaiye at Lidl just a month before the brutal stabbing. Mrs Kalejaiye, who worked as an accountant for Camden Council, and hailed from Abeokuta, suffered more than 40 stab wounds to her head, face, neck, upper limbs and hands during the frenzied knife attack. READ ALSO: Buhari’s wife relocates to Aso Rock ahead of husband Click And Read More From Newstrack.ng
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