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Controversial singer, Dencia, has slammed Africans, who she said love to comment on irrelevant issues rather than celebrating one of their own. Dencia made her displeasure known over the low publicity given to the 18 years of the demise of late Afrobeat legend, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, who died on August 2, 1997. The singer pointed out that rather than remember the late singer, Africans were busy following the bandwagon to talk about the killing of a lion in Zimbabwe. “Rip to one of the most original and influential African artists of all time. Fela Kuti. It's pathetic that most Africans do not even acknowledge this day (he died 8/2/1997) but jump the bandwagon when it comes to Cecil the lion, 2pac, Biggie and others (Ma toju opinion mi fun ra mi). I honoured him in the African Energy video after learning what he stood for. “He was a candid supporter of human rights and pan Africanism; the true originator of Afro-beats. He will forever remain one of Africa's most celebrated entertainers whose voice and music stood for something and just like Late Fela, I believe in a united African republic and pan Africanism. Let’s celebrate our own,” she wrote.
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