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Ashley Stephanie Ashley Stephanie, a diva, is the lead singer of Spanish Girl Band. A Cameroonian, she has spent half of her life abroad. She visits often and has developed soft spot for Nigerians. “I love Nigerians with a passion”, hence she is seen here most often to do some collaborations with some Nigerian artistes. Last year, she did a video with Clearance Peter. A pleasant lady, Ashley had this chat with Adaeze Amos during the Global News Award event. What can you boast of? What I can boast of is the fact that I’m an African. I’m just a proud African. Although I reside abroad, I do come back home often to enjoy everything. I’m from Cameroon but I love Nigeria. What is your style? It is my mood and personality that define my style. So, my style simply means me! This is because sometimes when I wake up in the morning I slip into something that is just me. Today this is what I’m wearing because I wanted to be glamorous today. I may appear simple but glamorous. My style is just me, the way I feel and my mood. I can wear hot minis when I’m in the mood. Sure, when I’m in the mood. I do wear hot and skimpy outfits but I must not open my vital parts, you know what I mean? What is your favourite colour? Haa, my favourite colour is gold. Take a good look at my hair please. I have been carrying golden hair since eight years now. I used to carry black hair with some blonde colour but when I started with my musical group, they had this designer that insisted all of us should have a change in style. So, they gave me the gold colour because I happen to be a black girl in the midst of four white girls. They wanted something that would show me, something that would make me have that shiny appearance. So, they gave me gold colour, I was happy about that because gold is my favourite colour. So, I just started carrying gold. My best dresses are gold. What makes you sad or gloomy? There is no space for that in my life. I’m always a happy gal. Even if I’m annoyed over something, I don’t habour it in my mind for up to 30 minutes. I just let go and continue enjoying my life. Guess why? Life is too short so why bear grudges in mind or feel gloomy. I’m always happy. I don’t like to stay with people who hardly smile or laugh. Such people put me off.
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