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Concluding part of the interview by Samuel Olatunji with Majid Michel. So, you never dated her? No, she is just a good friend of mine. When was the last time you saw each other? I saw her at the last Ghana Movie Awards What is it with you and Van Vicker? Heard you have issues. I don’t know where that is also coming from. I know that we relate well with each other and we still spoke the last time we saw each other. But it is in the papers and it was said that you are even pushing him out of Ghana. Please don’t believe everything you read in the papers. I wonder where they got all that from. So how do you feel hearing all these stories about yourself? It is disheartening and when you think about it. It dampens your spirit. You just have to learn to live with it. What story did you see in the papers that really made you want to shoot someone? It was the one that said I was arrested; arrested for what? What was that headline for? It is just not fair when something like that never happened and you wonder what people will think when they read it. So what happened in Lebanon? The guy just asked to check my passport and I had to wait because I got two passports with different names and he said he just wanted to confirm my name on the list and asked me if I was coming from London and I said yes. That was all. How does your wife take all these? She takes it very well and she knows it is the media that write anything they want. We are always together and she ignores most of the things they write. Miracles and good things happen every where we go and you just see somebody write bad things about you and they think it is a joke but it is no joke. If it is true fine but when you lie it is not good. Where exactly are you from? I am a Ghanaian, born and bred in Ghana. My mum is from Ghana and my Dad is from Lebanon. Tell us about your Dad He died in 1992. How close were you to him? We were quite close. I used to dream about him a lot when he died. He died shortly after I came back from Switzerland. He died from a heart problem. He was a wonderful man and he was really nice. I really wish he was alive. Have you always dreamt of being an actor? Yes I have. I used to act with my sisters at home and I have always wanted to be an actor. Watching those movies when I was so young, I always feel I could do one particular role better than it was done. It is by no chance that I am an actor. Tell me about your mum, did she remarry after your dad died? No she did not. She is 60yrs old now. How old were you in 1992? 14yrs. From 1992 to date is like 19yrs? Yeah. And since then there has been no father figure around No, none whatsoever. How has that been? My mum did not make it look tough at all. She made it look all so simple and cool. She made my sisters and I so comfortable How many are you? Ten of us. Your parents gave birth to ten of you? Yes. They are in the states, just four us here in Ghana. Your mum and dad gave birth to 10 children? No, my mum gave birth to two but my father had ten. I am the last born. I have never seen a polygamous Lebanese before He did not marry them at once. Okay, how’s your relationship with your siblings? We are close, very close. We communicate a lot; they are all great and we are fortunate to have each other. And we have reunions every year. Let’s get a little personal; have you ever cheated on your wife? No, I haven’t Since you got married in 2004? No, I am like a mini god. Are you kidding me? What about all these ladies that flock around you all the time? God won’t let me and I just can’t see myself doing something like that. But some will still say you are lying I know, but the guilt will be too much for me to carry and I know it is just wrong. Maybe it is the way I grew up and the churches that put that fear in me and make me believe I can’t do it. You did not sleep with another woman before you married your wife? I dated only one girl before I marry my wife and since then there has been no one else. We have been together for 11years now and she is the best thing that can happen to me and the most beautiful woman for me. What does she do? She is a designer. She designs for pregnant women; she is a maternity designer. Are you happy that you are married? Yes, so happy and glad that I am married. Have you ever been approached by a desperate lady who really wanted to sleep with you at all cost? Of course, but I have a way of handling those issues and you know I love to be in the midst of women to marvel at what God created out of them and this makes me understand how to deal with them. So, you have never have taken advantage of situations like that? No, I haven’t. And I hope I don’t because it is not right. Has your wife ever doubted your loyalty? Never, she is always there at all occasions with me and she knows what I am going to do even before I do it because we read the scripts together and go through the scenes too. Why do you kiss so passionately in movies? I told you before; movie is a slice of life. It has to look believable and it’s either you are doing it or you are not doing it at all. Like when it looks as if I was having sex on screen and I assure you, I did nothing. I just wanted people to feel it’s real. What did your wife say about it? Heart of Men is one of her favorite movie. Why is pornography prominent in Ghanaian films? It is all about the script. I would do a pornography scene if it connects with the film and it’s important for the film. Then you won’t show your backside again? If there is need, I will. Then can you do the whole nude thing? That will be a tough challenge and I’m telling you it is going to be tough but I can if I am really connected with the script and there is really a need for it. Don’t you feel a little bit queasy with a lot of people there? The director always uses as minimal number of people as possible for such roles when shooting. But the actress playing opposite you will see you naked. No, I wasn’t completely naked and she did not see my front and she was fully clothed. What does the future hold for Majid? I don’t know. I leave that to God to decide. I have my dreams and I will just continue to do what I do and pray that my dreams come true. What are your dreams? Just like every other producer and actors; to put a great film together and to always have something epic to show for it. What is your relationship with your colleagues here in Ghana like? I am cordial with everybody and we all enjoy what we do. When you play love scene in movies, do you get carried away emotionally? Yes, you have to put yourself there to make it look so real and try not to be a fake because when you are a fake, the viewers will see you and that’s not good. When the movie is over, it is over. But at that moment when you are acting it, you have to show the emotions. When you are on set and they say a woman is your wife then you need to treat her like one and when it is over you go back to being yourself. When did you start acting? 1999. And I started from radio drama and I grew from there to where I am today. I then went to school of acting for a formal training. Why did you not go to a conventional school to learn this? It was because they don’t have what I wanted to study. Credits: Photo: DJA Media
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