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I am a medical doctor while my wife is a qualified nurse/midwife who works with the government. For a year, I denied myself the excesses of life by saving to start a business of our own-a medical diagnostic clinic. I need her full attention to help oversee it so that I can complete the two masters programmes I am running concurrently. She said she can only stop work if I buy her a car because she is also saving to buy one. She also said that she cannot risk losing her job for the business, and that it will still take time for it to succeed. But I can’t buy her a car in the next one year because I need to invest in the business and I can’t afford employing a manager, who will earn a fat salary. I offered paying her current salary, yet she is not budging. I feel she does not want to sacrifice now and I am hurt. This is affecting my business focus. I have enough to feed my family with for a year, yet my wife is doubtful and does not want to join me in the profession. Do I pay her back in her own coin when I become successful in the business?
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