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The diplomatic war between the governments of South Africa and Nigeria seems not to end soon, as Nigeria has concluded plans to deport another set South Africans from Nigeria barely some hours after the first batch comprising 56 South Africans. The latest victims are about 67 prostitutes of South African origin. According to Nigerian government, the 67 South African prostitutes are in an employment of a high profile South African businessman, who use their services in Lagos and Abuja. They are due for deportation after being believed to be HIV positive. Just last week, South African government deported about 125 Nigerians on the basis of having fake Yellow Fever Card, a development Nigerian government described as a slap and a Xenophobic attack on Nigerians. The Nigerian government reminded South African government of how she helped in fighting for them during the apartheid period, saying she doesn't deserve such treatment from South Africa. With this latest development by Nigeria, do you think Nigeria has acted well? Do you agree with the argument that because Nigeria supported fight against apartheid, South Africa should give Nigeria preferential treatments?
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