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“Brush up your spellings,” this was what the sensational artiste popularly called Wizkid wrote on his Twitter yesterday retweeting on the beautiful actress, Tonto Dikeh to correct her spellings and tenses. Fans of the versatile actress have seen this as an insult to Tonto Dikeh on account that Wizkid is just a University drop out unlike Tonto who is a Petrol Chemical Engneering graduate. Though, the two have been twitter buddies for years, and contrary to what is widely believed, they both continue to insist there’s never been any romance between them. Well, Wizkid might just be severing ties with Tonto Dike who many feel is fast becoming a ‘nuisance’ on the social network, Twitter Wizkid on Tuesday, November 6 expressed his displeasure at Tonto’s spelling game. This is what Tonto tweeted on her profile; Who eva said Succezz waz a slow procezz waz mos defntly not talking abt Mii/Businez tycoon/A petro/chemical engr /IAMNollywood *#IAMPOKO# Tlovethyself #I luv TerryG. And when someone jokingly explained to Wizzy, that Miss Dike was only being trendy, he replied – ‘thats that sh*t i don’t like!’. This is the response of Tonto’‘I get mad when a chick doesn’t type right…wtf is succezz?!‘, a somewhat infuriated @Wizkidayo tweeted. Any ardent follower of Tonto Dike on the social network knows the controversial actress replaces her ‘S’s with ‘Z’s. Wizkid had earlier expressed his dissatisfaction with the actress venturing into the world of music saying that ‘she needs to chill. See tweets below :
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