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When did Karen Igho turn to a motivational speaker! Karen Igho took to her twitter page to give tips on how to be a lady.Calls it "How to be a lady 101 with Karen Igho"" Read and see if you agree with her -A lady does'nt kiss and tell -A lady does not nag -A lady doesn't brag -A lady never reveals her age -A lady Does not smack her gum -When a lady is unsure of how to dress to a particular occasion,she asks her host -A lady knows that trends come and go,while true style is timeless -A lady never ask someone if she looks fat in something -If a lady expects her legs to be seen,she either shaves her legs or wears hose -A lady knows that her posture is important as any article of clothing on her Back -A lady doesn't kiss and tell © 2013 Nigeriafilms.com Click the link below to go to... SCANDAL: My S x Affair With Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo Of COZA – Ese Walter SCANDAL PART 2- ANOTHER LADY CLAIMS PASTOR BIODUN OF COZA ABUJA TRIED TO SLEEP WITH HER After Her Confession; Ese Walter Deletes Facebook and Twitter Page…. Writes Letter To Jesus Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo Of COZA Breaks Salience Over Alleged S x Scandal Pastor Ajanaku Confirmed Dead, 27 Ogboni Fraternity Visit His Home Ini Edo On 2nd Honeymoon With Hubby (Pictures)
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