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Nollywood Actress Shan George is really going to the way of God, as she has decided to live her life towards the path of God Saying she is Living to Please God The Nollywood Actress/Producer took to her facebook page to pass the below message, hear her... “The only thing I target to achieve in life is ‘TO MAKE HEAVEN’ The rest na Jara! So if the way I live my life displeases you, don't worry, I’m living to please God not You.” It would be recalled that the Nollywood actress, had relocated to her state, Cross River. But contrary to reports, she says she has not gone in search of greener or saner pastures. According to the news making the rounds online, George is said to have relocated because Calabar is more peaceful than Lagos. She was quoted as saying, “Calabar is heaven on earth. My hilltop Calabar home is as peaceful as a baby's sigh.” Click the link below to go to... Top 5 Ghanaian Celebrities Accused Of Bleaching Their Skin Yvonne Okoro Confirms That Yvonne Nelson Bleaches Alleged Robbery: Nollywood Actress, Yetunde Akilapa Discharged And Acquitted How My Friends Set Me Up -Recently Released Actress, Yetunde Akilapa Reveals Nollywood Actress,Yetunde Akilapa, Sent To Kirikiri prison in Apapa, Lagos More On YETUNDE AKILAPA
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