The 2013 winner of one of Africa's biggest talent hunt show, Big Brother Africa (BBA) 'The Chase', Dillish Matthews has disclosed that is desperate in getting married. According to her, she is running out of time and needs to get a man very fast. “As soon as I find myself a hunk, I will start (having babies). I have always wanted to have kids before I clock 25 and I will be 25 years old next year, so I’m running out of time,” the $300,000 Big Brother Africa prize winner revealed in an interview. She made this comment at an event when she was asked at what time she intends to start having babies. When asked to unfold the events that led to rumours of her breakup with her ex-boyfriend, Stephen, she answered, “all I have to say is that not everything reported are true, so, don’t believe everything you read. Sometimes people make stories up so that the media can leave them alone”. Dillish currently owns a charity organization of her own called the ‘Royal Hope Foundation’, which focuses on community development. She also owns her own beauty salon in Namibia, and her cosmetic line ‘Vault by Dillish’, which is an endorsement by a US company. © 2014 Click the link below to go to... IBRAHIM CHATTA’S FIRST WIFE CRIES OUT, ‘HE ABANDONS ME AND HIS SON’ POPULAR ACTOR, IBRAHIM CHATTA WEDS SENATOR'S DAUGHTER ACE FILMMAKER CUM ACTOR IBRAHIM CHATTA BEATEN TO A PULP Nollywood Actor Ibrahim Chatta Explodes ''I Am Not A Gold digger'' IBRAHIM CHATTA’S FIRST WIFE CRIES OUT, ‘HE ABANDONS ME AND HIS SON’ ‘He Beat Me Till I Lost My First Pregnancy’ – Nollywood Actor Ibrahim Chatta’s Ex Reveals your social media marketing partner