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In Africa, having s3x before marriage is kicked against just as the Bible totally kicks against such, describing it as fornication and as a sin God dislikes. There have been different views on this issue with some people saying there is nothing wrong in going down with a lover before marriage. One person in support of testing the sexual ability of one’s partner is Nollywood actress, Sotayo Sobola. In an interview with Vanguard Newspaper, the actress said that it is important to get down with the opposite gender before marriage in order to know how active and fertile the person is. “It’s not like you’re trying to get pregnant before wedding, what I’m just trying to say is, you have to know how healthy a person is before you can say you want to go into marriage. Marriage is not something you pop in and pop out just like that, so you have to know your partner very well, sexually and otherwise before you jump into it,” she said. She further described some women who act as if s3x is evil as pretenders, adding that it is enjoyed by both parties and no one individual gets the best side. “Don’t mind them, they are just pretenders. Most people pretend to hate s3x when they actually enjoy it than most others,” she noted.
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