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Nollywood actress, Toyin Aimakhu, on the eve of Christmas threw a a very challenging question open on why the rate of domestic violence is on the increase. The actress took to her social media page to seek the opinion of fans on who should be blame in the whole issue and fans did not waste time in responding as many of they tried to advice couples to learn how to tolerate each other. "Pls I want us to treat an issue dat has been bothering me why do men beat women?r they goat?or wat do women do to provoke men or is it dat sum men r jst oloshi or women has badmouth...pls let's be sincere with ourselves and pls let's say the truth cos I keep thinking abt it," she asked. While comments were coming in, a fan asked the actress if she has ever faced domestic violence from her husband and surprised at the question, she said no. lamlek: @aimakhutoyin is your hubby beating you ? According to her, "@lamlek I married a real man...A God fearing man and a father...We reject such in God's name and i don't provoke or frustrate him either and u do u beat ur wife? Kezarina10: Some hit there wives coz deyve refused to see the queen in her, and coz probably dey grew up watching dia dad beat dia mum so it's a part of dem, such people are never patient, when the lady makes one single mistake, he's gonna beat the hell into her. That is why it's good to court before marriage. Coz most of dz guys were not thought the right thing to do. aimakhutoyin: @kezarina10 darling marriage and courting r 2 diff things oo...hmmm I can't stand a man dat beats© 2014Nigeriafilms.com
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