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While many worldwide celebrate valentine’s day by giving that special person in their life various gifts, Nigeria’s social crusader and singer, Charles Oputa aka Charly Boy has told his wife that he does not have money for any gift. The singer stated that he does not have any special plans for the day since he has gone bankrupt but would prefer that his wife accept him for whom he is. He made it known to her that aside the day’s celebration, she has always been loved and would continually be loved beyond words expression. Meanwhile, singer, Sasha, has also joined in the love mood as she also sends her message. "When we first met" That line could mean so much and yet so little. Many love stories begin the moment you lay eyes on each other, and some when you actually "meet" each other after years of just being on the surface you encounter a bit of that person's soul and you just know. With true love though, the story never ends. It can change, it can evolve, it can be suppressed, it can be incubated, it can be different but it truly never ends. "Falling in Love" a version of events. one of my favourite songs ever. Dedicated to you all! Happy Valentine's day everyone. Enjoy.”
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