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Many celebrated personalities in the society today have one story or the other to say about how they also lost hope when the chips were down and female singer, Waje, is no exception. The mother of one, who is part of the One Campaign song for girl’s initiative entitled 'Strong Girl', shared her story told her fans on her social media platform. Waje shared the words that gave her strength, which later made her a better person in life. She said, "Let me tell you something that I was told that gave me strength. When Moses and the Israelites were at the red sea and he wondered how they would pass, contrary to all the movies we watch. "God started parting the Red Sea from the end and at that point, their eyes could not see but they kept moving knowing that He would not bring them out to kill, or is it Peter working on water? Trusting God is not trusting today and doubting tomorrow. "Life is not easy but God wants to use you to uplift others and be His testimony that He is the one who delivers but you have to let Him use you by having faith, trusting Him completely even though life has been unfair to you. "Some people have gone through worse and still lost their lives and probably will still end up in hell but He kept you alive for a reason. People will draw strength from you. Walk and talk like someone who already has victory. Smile when you feel like crying. Pay your tithe in the little you have and He will fill your barn. READ ALSO: If I Was Rude As They Claim, Should Death Be My Punishment? - Olubunmi Adeyera, Nasarawa Corper Who Collapsed In The Guard Room "You have to do your own part and not only expect Him to do His. Be faithful in little and I bet you that God will lift you except he is not God." Waje joined the likes of Yemi Alade, Omotola, Victoria Kimani, and other African female artistes in the song for female gender awareness and equality. Click And Read More From Newstrack.ng
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