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Controversial Cameroonian singer and cosmetic manufacturer, Dencia, is currently bereaved as she was recently informed that her elder brother had passed away. The singer while eulogizing her brother explained that despite the fact that he was on his sick bed, he was already to comfort her and advice her to push harder to achieve her fame. She stated that despite the fact that they sometimes they have misunderstandings, her brother is not always bothered by the situation as he keeps calling her and playing his brotherly role. According to Dencia, “If anything you’d have felt sorry for mom who was right there and fought harder. My whole world crashed yesterday, I slept all day hoping I’ll wake up and hear it was a joke but I it isn’t. Even when I was mad at you, you never stopped encouraging me to fight harder, even on your dying bed you came and rescued me. Until we meet again I love you big bro. Gone too soon 1985-2015.”
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