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After an all night sex, call girl jumps from four-storey hotel to escape from insatiable clients. Adelani Adepegba and Fidelis Soriwei report. In the world of a girl identified as Eyiye, one of the major things that count is money. And it does not matter if she has to exploit her body to get it. This she had been doing for sometime until last Monday when she encountered two friends who literally took her through the valley of the shadow of death, right in a hotel room in Abuja . Eyiye, from Edo State was one of the hordes of girls who came to the Federal Capital Territory believing they could make ends meet by soliciting for patrons at roadsides for a fee. Eyiye who claimed to be a student of an unnamed higher institution in the FCT was approached by Alphonsus Nnadi, 26, and Tony Agbo, 25, for an all night sexual intercourse on Sunday evening, and after negotiations, struck a bargain. The friends agreed to pay her N8,000 and she went with them to the Capital Lake Hotel, Jabi, where they got a room on the third floor. The two men descended on Eyiye and had their fill of sex, with each of them doing four rounds till day-break, according to their statements to the police. In the morning, the girl was tired and weak from the long night, but Agbo was not yet done with her as he allegedly insisted on having one more round, which Eyiye felt she could not endure. She protested that she was weak and hungry, but Agbo did not see that as a problem. He offered to get her meat-pie and a drink. Nnadi, who was also tired from the exertions of the night, asked his friend to lock the room and go with the key “because the girl may sneak away with my expensive phone if I slept off.” After Agbo had left to fetch the food, Eyiye asked Nnadi to get hot water from the bathroom to massage her raw private part. Immediately he left, she wrapped the thick bed blankets around herself and dived through the window to the ground, breaking her waist and sustaining other injuries. Hotel staff and sympathisers rushed to her aid and called in the police who assisted in taking her to the General Hospital, Gwarinpa, Abuja. Eyiye in an interview explained that she decided to take the risk of jumping from the third floor of the hotel when she heard Nnadi and Agbo discussing how to kill her and cut out her private part for rituals. She said they were speaking in “Rivers (State) language.” She complained that she was only paid N4000 instead of the N8000 they agreed to give her. “I decided to jump because they wanted to kill me for ritual. I heard one of then telling someone on the phone that I have the type of vagina they were looking for,” she alleged. Nnadi who hailed from Imo State had a different version of the incident when he spoke to our correspondents on Wednesday at the Life Camp Police Station where he and his friend were being detained. He explained that he and Agbo had a cordial evening with Eyiye when they took her to the room. “I offered to get her a job if she would quit being a harshie (harlot) and I even allowed her to use my phone. If I was a ritualist, would I have done that? I believe it was because she heard me speaking on phone with a client about a real estate deal running to N45m. Maybe it was what the girl heard and she thought I was a ritual killer. I swear to God am a Christian, it is quite unfortunate that this happened, but I have no intention of using the girl for ritual,” he defended himself. Agbo from Benue State, said what got him involved with Eyiye was his wet clothes which prevented him from going to work early. “I was sticking around waiting for my clothes to dry when I decided to have another round with her. It’s a lie that we wanted to kill her because I came back voluntarily when Nnadi called me on phone from the eatery when I went to get snacks for her when the police came after she had jumped out of the room. Am happy she didn‘t die because that would have been a different thing altogether,” he said. Policemen at the station stated that preliminary investigation indicated that what transpired between the trio was a normal sexual transaction which however went awry. For now, Eyiye is nursing her raw and bruised parts while her erstwhile lovers rue their misdeed.
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