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Most of the time several employees get sacked not because of economic issues or not performing, but because they disagree with their bosses. But do you know it is possible to disagree with your boss and still keep your job? Yes, but it's how you do it that can make or break your employment. Here are some tips on how to do this. 1. Get your motives right. Sometimes we wait to bring up concerns until we're irritated. This is ineffective because at that point our goal is no longer to be constructive, it's to punish. Before opening your mouth, ask yourself, "What do I really want" 2. Start with safety. Begin by clarifying your respect and your intent. Help your boss understand that your intent is to provide a different viewpoint you feel will help achieve your mutual goal. 3. Start with the facts. Once you've created safety, you start describing your concerns facts first. Don't lead with your judgments or conclusions. Start by describing in non-judgmental and objective terms the behaviors that are creating problems. 4. Don't pile on. As you lay out the facts, monitor safety. If your boss becomes defensive, pause for a moment and check in. Reassure them of your positive intentions and allow them to express any concerns they have. 5. Invite dialogue. Finally, having shared your concerns, encourage your boss to share their perspective. Invite dialogue. The result of your openness will be a greater openness on your boss's part as well. Have you ever been fired for something you said about the boss? Have you ever let anyone go because of something he said? Tell us.
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