In this part of the world, it is usually men that make the first move to win women’s hearts. But is there anything that says that a woman cannot woo a man in Africa? Many women spoke on this. While some see a woman wooing a man as a abomination, others don’t see it as a big deal. In fact, there are women who said they have actually walked up to men to ask them to be their lovers. Franka Davis Wooing a man depends on individuals. I cannot and don’t really like appreciating men or making them feel that they are great. Even if I admire a man, it would be inside of me, but not that I would walk up to him and tell him. It does not mean that I cannot admire a man, but it has to start with me and end with me. Chika Anigbo I cannot walk up to a man and tell him that I admire him. But if I have a friend who knows him, I can tell him or her that I like such a person. If I can get his phone number, I can call him to tell him how I feel about him, but I cannot walk up to him to express my feeling. Titilayo Owa Wooing a man is not an abomination. The way men woo women is also the same way women should woo them. The world has civilised so much that, it is no longer men alone who woo women. I believe in going for what I want. So, if I admire a man, I can walk up to him and express my feelings. If I don’t, I will be dying in silence and I would not like it because it may not be healthy for me. Ladi Abu If I like a man, who has not noticed me, I will flirt around him. Yes, I will start doing things that would make him take notice of me. The Bible says that faith without work is dead; so if I pray for him to come my way without achieving it, I will use another trick to make it work. You may be surprised that when I start seeking for his notice, he, in turn, may even start admiring me as well, thereby making the job easier. Patience Onyemali Whatever you like, you should go for it. Though, I may find it difficult walking up to a man and telling him what I want, I can look for his friend, who will assist me in penetrating him. I will also make sure that each time I have contact with him, I will dress to kill. Amaka Mmadugbwu I don’t think I will find myself in a condition where I have to woo a man. I think it is not in our culture for a woman to woo a guy. Although, a friend of mine did that in my presence, I won’t. How my friend did it was that she walked up to the guy and told him how she felt about him. They became friends thereafter. Edith Eke Why would I woo a guy? I think it is a crazy thing for an African woman to do. After wooing the guy, what kind of love are you expecting from him? Any woman that does that would definitely regret her action. So, I don’t think it is wise for me to woo a man, no matter who he is or how he looks. Gift Ohwobete I don’t think there is anything wrong expressing my feelings to a guy I desire. I will woo a guy I desire, with my eyes to send a message to him that I’m very much interested in him. I think with the look in my eyes, he would get the message. If he doesn’t respond positively, I would stay calm, provided I have satisfied my conscience. Chibuzo Madu Would you woo a guy if you were in my position? I wouldn’t even try talking to him because he may embarrass me. So, I don’t see myself wooing a guy. Chioma Kuti I have wooed a guy once, at an eatery, where I went for lunch. I couldn’t help it, but I walk up to him, after admiring his look, and expressed my feeling. Though it wasn’t easy, I had to do it to get what I wanted, instead of dying in silence. We are human beings, so, what is the big deal when the answer is you get is either yes or no? your social media marketing partner